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About Auto-Mining

Modern cloud mining platform.
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Auto Mining is new mining facility with the technology equipment and best choices making it accessible profitable for everyone.

With expert management, technical operative team, constantly expanding with eco-friendly energy sources, investment in ecosystem and research on technology; company collective development as well individual and social benefits.

The World’s Leading
Hashpower Provider

Auto-Mining provides modern, high-etfcieney rental services for Cryptocurrencies . We are using worlds ASIC and GPU machines generate best returns. Itis necessary to buy expensive and waste your time setting it up, The rigs are already set and running. Our platforms for those who are to the world of , as well as for and large-scale investors.

There are regular promotions the purchase of plans promotional codes to increase , We also have an and Partner Program, through you can get really bonuses.

Mining monitoring And Statistics Real-Time

The Best & Easiest
Mining Experience Ever

Daily Return Distribution

Coins earned are reflected the wallet of the at the end of day. Follow what is and securely store the .

User-Friendly Interface

Mining information, platform wallet, calculator, reports, and charts. as it is with effort and time.

7/24 Customer Support

With great hash power great responsibility. Auto-Mining team always on your side make technology accessible and .

Superior Mining Technology

We supply the best latest hardware for different algorithms, achieving maximum power the best technology.

Maximum Security

High level of protection provided against hacking and while only the mandatory is asked.

Affiliate program

For our investors, we developed a profitable partner , which has two levels. your partners and earn us!
10% from referrals 1

Create your affiliate network

15% from referrals 2

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Customizable refback

You can configure refback your referrals on the "Partners"

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